How to sign up for StockTreasury

Step 1

On home page, click on Get Started or Sign up.​

Step 2

Enter the name of your company and click on Order now.​

Step 3

Enter your payment details and click Subscribe.

Step 4

Fill in required fields on the corporate data form.

Step 5

Upload a copy of your Delaware filed Certifcate of Incorporation.

Step 6

Make sure everything looks correct and click on Submit.

Step 7

Our team will review the data and set up your digital stock ledger. In email with the subject line StockTreasury Onboarding will arrive in your inbox as soon as the review is complete.

Step 8

If you did not complete the corporate information form, you can follow a link to it from the Welcome to StockTreasury email that should be in your inbox.

Step 9

You should also have a payment receipt email.

Step 10

Congratulations on signing up for StockTreasury! Please see the Onboarding guide for further instructions.