How to create a StockTreasury admin account

Step 1

After completing the Sign-up, check your inbox for an email with the subject line StockTreasury Onboarding and click Continue.

Step 2

Read the instructions and click on NEXT.

Step 3

Create a password, confrm and click on NEXT.

Step 4

Enter your mobile phone number and click on SEND CODE.

Step 5

Enter the code you received via SMS and click on SUBMIT.

Step 6

On your mobile deMice, make sure passcode and Dngerprint or facial
identiDcation are set up and turned on.

For Android devices, please refer to manufacturer’s user guide. For Apple
devices, see https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201371 or https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208109

Step 7

Go to the app store and download StockTreasury PrimeSigner.

Step 8

Open PrimeSigner and look up your ID KEY.

Step 9

Back in your browser window, enter and re-enter the ID KEY and click on DONE.

Step 10

A 4-digit code page is displayed your browser.

Step 11

Open PrimeSigner on your mobile device, makes sure codes match and press Confirm.

Step 12


Step 13

Check your name for accuracy, enter date of birth and address, and click on NEXT.

Step 14

Check your corporate details and registered address information for accuracy.

Step 15

Review your authorized capital stock details and click on NEXT.

Step 16

Click on REVEW & SIGN.

Step 17

Review User agreement and click on DIGITALLY SIGN USING PRIMESIGNER.

Step 18

A 4-digit code is displayed in your browser

Step 19

Open StockTreasury app on your mobile device, make sure codes match and press Sign digitally.

Step 20

Congratulations! You have completed the ledger setup and are ready to start issuing shares!